AWS or Azure: Which is the Best Choice for Deploying My Infrastructure? — AWS Summit 2023

Rizvan Saatov
5 min readJun 25

First of all, let’s talk about the AWS Summit event happening in Milan. After attending this event and considering the question of whether to choose AWS or Azure, I have conducted some research and would like to share my findings with you. Today, we will discuss some in-demand professions that you might be interested in pursuing. But before we delve into that, let me share some photos from the event.

AWS Summit 2023

And is it worth attending? Definitely yes! Even though I primarily work with Azure in my current projects, it’s still worth attending to stimulate your brain. And from my personal point of view, I prefer the user interface of Azure. It feels more friendly and intuitive.:)

Azure or AWS?

AWS vs Azure

At the beginning of 2023, AWS held the largest market share among all cloud services worldwide, accounting for approximately 33%. However, in Q1 2023, AWS experienced a slight decline, with its market share dropping to 32%. On the other hand, Microsoft Azure started 2023 as the second-largest cloud service globally, having achieved a market share of 23% by the end of 2022.

Is Azure going to overtake AWS? It seems YES!

However, when it comes to deciding between AWS and Azure for deploying your infrastructure, the choice should be based on your specific requirements, preferences, and project characteristics. Both AWS and Azure are prominent cloud service providers that offer extensive features and services for infrastructure deployment.

Rizvan Saatov

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